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It is 2019 and it is surprising the number of businesses that still do not have websites.

While technically not every business needs a website, it is highly recommended that they do because one or more of your competitors probably have one.

Most companies without a website would say, well it hasn’t effected my business yet. Maybe that is true or at least on the surface. To be quite frank that is a lie business owners tell themselves to justify not having a website. When in fact if they were to peel back the layers and look at their company from a non-objective view point they would see even the slightest loss in business.

How could just one competitor having a website effect yours, you ask? Well it is simple, over 60% of all potential consumers search on the web. This in turn loads local businesses matching the users search criteria in the following way: 1) Companies with Websites and Social Media are shown first. 2) Companies with just Websites are shown second. 3) Companies with just social media are shown third 4) Everyone else without either are shown. 90% of the time if reviews are good on the companies listed then people will not even get past the first 5 options on google list.

What this should tell you is that you are silently loosing potential consumers and do not even realize it. From a bookkeeping standpoint you may be just fine, making bookings, closing deals, and ending with happy customers. But what about the other business you are missing out on? Just because you are not actively reaching your clients through a Website and Social Media? Missing out on these potential consumers may not be hurting your business, but it would help your business grow.

Most of my clients that come to me are struggling with the reality that they do in fact need a website and 99% of the time it is their lack of understanding that keeps them from getting their business on-line sooner than later. Hey I get it, having a website means it is something new to learn, fund, keep up with, and maintain. Websites are an investment in your business and that investment can have great impact on your business and its longevity.

Here is a perfect example, I had a potential client a few years ago for the sake of the conversation we will call him Jim. Jim owned an extermination company and when he came to me his main complaint was his business was on the decline. He was getting less and less bookings month by month and he was seeing one of his major competitors keep getting more clients, hiring more guys, and ultimately making even more money!

Jim told me that he was concerned for his business and that he needed to figure something out quick. Well I took the time like I do with every client and went over his business with him. He had a great business plan, good advertising plans through radio and news papers, had 3 guys working for him and 2 ladies in the office handling scheduling, billing, and payroll. But the fact was he was in fact on the decline more and more month by month.

So in response I did an analysis of his local competitors and what they were doing differently. Come to find out the top 3 competitors had websites, social media, google adwords, and even sales funnels YES SALES FUNNELS. The funnels were being ran on Facebook & google adwords.  The best part was that all 3 of them had Chat clients not only on their sites but their funnels too. Better yet they were collecting email addresses on top of it all. This meant they were closing WAY MORE DEALS than the average extermination company in their local market.

It became very apparent that Jim’s competitors where putting a lot of effort and money into their marketing and on-line presence. They were even being proactive in their approach with the live chat client and email collection for email marketing. Simply put they were not thinking about just today or tomorrow, they were planning for the future too!

So I did my full analysis and report for Jim and provided him with every last detail I was able to collect, right down to the way the other companies talked with their potential consumer through their chat client and their email drip campaign. I told him to take his time, read it through and to let me know if he had any questions, then we could talk.

It took about 2 weeks and Jim called me back. Told me that he understood now why his business needed the web and that he just really needed my help in getting everything sorted out and put back on track. He had some fears because he was farther behind his competitors than he liked to think about but knew he needed to get started.

The moral of Jim’s story is that you have to evolve your business marketing and plan not just for the sale today but the sales next month and beyond. Technology is the gateway to information today and will continue to be even more so as we progress through the future. So if you do not evolve your marketing and business strategies through out your businesses lifetime one day your local competitors will rank higher than your business.