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Web Design & Development

What's the difference?

What is the difference between a Web Designer and Developer?

Years ago you had to deal with 2 different, firms, freelancers, or a firm who offered Web Designers and Web Developers to build a website for your business. This made websites very costly and the process very lengthy for businesses that decided that they needed a website.
This however is not true these days, they have effectively become one and the same and 80% of the time you do not need to find a designer to build design your website. Now designers are saved for larger and/or more complex sites and applications that involve UI design(User Itnerface Design)and UX design(User Experience Design). These types of sites and applications are usually looking to tap a specific market or specific sector of a market. Therefor the cost is a justfiable one. A small to Mid sized business has no need for the expense unless their product or service demands it for the success of their business.
In today’s terms for just a Website or E-Commerce Website you should just simply need a Web Developer or Web Designer in todays terms they are one in the same!

I spend time talking about issues that matter most when selecting a website designer & developer


How I can help!

I will build your site to optimize your target customer’s experience

I am trained and certified – providing my clients with the highest standards the industry has to offer. I specialize in building beautiful, professional, and easy-to-use websites. These elements come together to create an exceptional user experience (UX). This positive interaction with your brand builds trust and confidence, turning visitors into customers.

I will work with you and your team to understand your objectives to provide insight into the best solutions for your business.

The information you share with me will allow me to make the first big recommendation for your site: whether to build it on an open source platform, or code it from scratch. You don’t have to be familiar with the nuances of each, though I am certainly happy to talk you through them to help you understand. 

I am well-versed in not only OpenSource and Custom Coding from scratch, I understand the when/where and advantages and disadvantages that come with both. By choosing the right foundation for your site you are taking the first step in setting your business up for success on the web.

You can rest assured that my custom web development strategy will optimize your site to align with your objectives while maximizing the beauty, speed, and functionality of your site – on desktop and mobile devices, alike.

Whether you’re looking custom website development from scratch or to upgrade your current site with the latest technological innovations, I hope you’ll consider putting my expertise, skills, and years of experience, to work for you!

My Five Points Of Service


Know what result you’re targeting, but not sure how to achieve it? I’ll combine my business acumen & techsperties(exhibit A: “technical expertise”) to suggest fresh ideas & innovative approaches.


I will create responsive web designs to ensure your website performs flawlessly across all device types.


Your site will be much more than a pretty face: I am tasked with making sure everyone from visitors to your internal admin has a responsive, eas-to-navigate, and intuitive-to-use experience.


We will put my work through vigorous testing before the site is launched. Ensuring a smooth and elegant experience for your visitors and users.


I will keep in touch with the latest technology and innovations relevant to your business. From getting youback online in the event of a server crash to a “phase 2” development project as your business continues to grow, I am on call for all your future online needs.