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I specialize in both multi-platform synchronization & standalone mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows

Mobile devices are to the world today as the PC was to the world years ago!

In no uncertain terms: mobile app development & upkeep is paramount for all businesses no matter their market. Virtually everyone is walking around with a computer in their pocket in the form of a smartphone, which provides companies with the exciting opportunity to connect with customers every waking minute. The most efficient way to make that connection is through a mobile application.

I will help you turn your ideas into working apps, solve problems and give your mobile app the ability to be a potential game-changer. I don’t mean to brag but consider me to be the top of the league in North Carolina when it comes to app development for iOS, Android and Windows. It has taken years to become a one stop shop offering everything from mobile application creation to full fledge app marketing. The depth of my experience allows me to position myself as an industry leader, the most reliable North Carolina mobile app developmenr and designer in the space today. I offer an unparalleled level of knowledge of major platforms/frameworks used in mobile development. I am equipped to meet your project requirements head on.


Mobile internet browsing overtook that of desktops – and even laptops – in 2014. The early birds have already gotten the worm!

Smartphones are more computers than phones: 86% of time spent on mobile devices is on apps.

Across all sites, from weather to retail, people most commonly report “multi-platform” web surfing.

750 million: the number of people who have becoming mobile-only internet users (people who access the internet exclusively by smartphone) in the past 5 years.

68%: the percentage of mobile-only internet traffic projected in 2017…a year also estimated to have more internet traffic from Jan-Dec as all previous years combined.

80% of advertising giants Google and Facebook’s advertising revenue is raked in courtesy of mobile devices.

The uptick of browsing and buying habits from smartphones and tablets provides an exciting new channel to engage with potential clients or customers. With new opportunities, however, come new challenges, in this case: creating a mobile-friendly experience, aligning brand identity and site functionality across all platforms and keeping up with the latest technology and innovation, to name a few.

As with every service I offer, I apply my time-tested process to mobile application development. The more I know about your business and clientele, the better I am able to customize a one-of-a-kind experience that drives results, both on your mobile app and website.

Some iOS and android app developmers in North Carolina are known to disappear for weeks at a time. Not me. You can expect to hear from me on a scheduled cadence throughout the project, not just at major milestones. I am not a “set it and forget it” consultant, I am your partner who becomes a  stakeholder in every client’s success.

Whether building an app to work in tandem with your site or as a standalone business, I work with you from start to finish.



I put on my consultant hat to help you fortify your app and business plans. I’ll conduct a thorough analysis to ensure the strongest strategy before kicking off development.


Scoreboard –  multitude of app experience and 8+ years of perfectingmy mobile app development services menu.


I am available and dedicated to the idea that we are all part of the team and I won’t leave you hanging.