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Unfortunatley due to Covid-19 I am hereby closed until furhter notice due to lack of work, due to COVID-19. I have all intentions of starting back up after COVID has been resolved and the economy becomes more stable in the future.


Are you looking for just a site layout design? I am able to rapidly produce layouts with PhotoShop, WordPress with Divi, and other tools to help you create a unique design!

 WordPress & WooCommerce

A powerful CMS that aims as a means to create a website that is not only functional but can grow as your company grows easier than a custom CMS or Privatized CMS.


Are you selling OnLine? Or do you have a retail store that you want to suppliment by selling online?  Or maybe you are jus starting our ECommerce business!

Software & Applications

Get rid of that paper process and automate your business today!



Whether you need multi-platform syncronization or standalone mobile app creation, I can help!


If you need a backoffice application, custom CRM, or automate a process that you are tired of doing by hand I can help!

Bots/Scrapers/Machine Learning

In today's online world everyone is working at a break neck pace to gather and collocate data to use to grow their business.


My Five Points Of Service


Know what result you’re targeting, but not sure how to achieve it? I’ll combine my business acumen & techsperties(exhibit A: “technical expertise”) to suggest fresh ideas & innovative approaches.


Your site will be much more than a pretty face: I am tasked with making sure everyone from visitors to your internal admin has a responsive, eas-to-navigate, and intuitive-to-use experience.


I will create responsive web designs to ensure your website performs flawlessly across all device types.


We will put my work through vigorous testing before the site is launched. Ensuring a smooth and elegant experience for your visitors and users.


I will keep in touch with the latest technology and innovations relevant to your business. From getting youback online in the event of a server crash to a “phase 2” development project as your business continues to grow, I am on call for all your future online needs.