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My passion and facination for technology goes all the way back to my childhood. My father brought home an Apple II-E computer that took 5 1/2 inch floppy disks, you know the big black ones with the monolithic hole in the middle. With that computer I got my first taste of programming! I learned how to make the computer proceduraly generate tire tracks, hearts, boxes, and various other patterns on the screen using nothing but characters on the keyboard! From that moment on I was hooked and every piece of technology I could get my hands on became my playground of exploration and inevention.
In high school I was enrolled into CISCO/Comptia/Microsoft Accademy where I learned networking, server administration, server/computer administration, net security,
I have been a IT Consultant for the past 13 Years working on many projects ranging from web sites, e-commerce systems, mobile applicaitons, custom computer and web based applications just to name a few.


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