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About Me


George Young

My passion and fascination for technology goes all the way back to my childhood. My father brought home an Apple II-E computer that took 5 1/2 inch floppy disks, you know the big black ones with the monolithic hole in the middle. With that computer I got my first taste of programming! I learned how to make the computer procedural generation of tire tracks, hearts, boxes, and various other patterns on the screen using nothing but characters on the keyboard! From that moment on I was hooked and every piece of technology I could get my hands on became my playground of exploration and invention. In high school I was enrolled into CISCO/Comptia/Microsoft Academy where I learned networking, server administration, server/computer administration, net security, I have been a IT Consultant for the past 13 Years working on many projects ranging from web sites, e-commerce systems, mobile applications, custom computer and web based applications just to name a few.

My Business & Life Philosophy!

I was raised and steeped in old fashioned American personal and business values. I was educated by many relatives and their friends about the world and business as I grew up. As an adult I have surrounded myself with seasoned business mentors, scholars, and others who have taught me to be a good businessman and even better, a better human. Over the years I have learned 4 principles that I follow in life and business in general that every good business relationship needs to be successful and last for the long term:

  • Be a honest, respectful and kind
  • Don’t be greedy! Work done for you or by you should have a fair wage
  • Everyone is accountable & responsible for their part in every situation they get into good or bad.
  • There is no deal you have to have.

These 4 principles have always served me well in business, unfortunatley not everyone in business lives and operates by them.

Be Honest & Respectful

We never like being told things we do want to hear and especially if it is about something we really want or need. In these instances we especially do not like hearing “that is out of scope”, “it is going to be expensive”, “it is going to take longer than that”, “there was a mistake and this is going to take longer to fix.” or the worst “it is out of the budget”. Despite these things and no matter how much they may annoy, irritate, or tick you off it is important to always remain honest and respectful.

Look I get it, the reality of a situation sometimes just down right sucks the exhaust pipe big time! I mean, at the end of the day we all just want to run our businesses and be successful right? Remember the person you are talking or working with want’s the same thing for their business too.

Despite what ever it is that you do not like about what you are hearing about your project, you should always be honest and respectful.  99% of the time I find that all disagreements with clients or resources can be avoided by stopping, taking a deep breath, rethinking the position of both parties and reformulating my response before I even  utter ONE WORD! For example, keep in mind they are very watered down for simplicity

  1. It is out of scope? Could you please explain why?
    1. Maybe you didn’t make it known that you needed something that takes more than a couple hours to impliment.
  2. What about my needs is driving up the cost? Maybe we can elimate some things and make some trade offs!
    1. Well the setup and implimentation of the Chat script you want on your site is what is adding a good deal to the cost. Also you wanted that email address request popup on every page.
      1. Could we make the popup email capture showup only on the home page and reduce the cost of the implimentation .
  3. Why is it going to take that long? I heard that it should only take this long?
    1. Yes it can be done that quickly but it will not look or function as well as it could and should.

In any situation good or bad utilizing honesty, respect and kindness goes a lot further than blaming, insulting, yelling, or just being flat out rude.

Work done should earn a fair wage

I was tought from early on that the economy is built on equal and fair exchange or trade. If someone puts the time, effort, and skills into your project and helps you make that project a success they should be equally compensated to the best of the companies budget to show its appreciation for a job well done. This is what builds loyalty with clients, resources, and business to business relationships that you forge. Besides I was also taught that, money has to flow to make the economy move and we do that by paying for goods and services.

Everyone is accountable and responsible

In every situation whether it be business, personal, or social we are all responsible for the outcome of our interactions with one another in one way or another. Whether the outcome is bad or good! Besides it takes 2 to tang, 2 or more to agree, and 2 or more to fight or disagree, unless you are just looney toons and fight with yourself LOL.

Lets say a man named Carl hired someone to give him a quote from a home repair service on fixing his porch and they hand him a quote for $2,500, how would you respond? Well Carl’s first inclination is to be shocked at the amount on the paper, lets be real $2,000 is a lot of money. His second reaction is to become defensive and deny the fact that it could not possibly cost that much. Which then leads to negotiating and getting the price lowered.

So lets say after all is said and done his contractor lowered the quote to $1,250 but he would have to use seconds for lumber and use a cheaper brand of paint. He then says by doing that Carl may have some crooked boards and the paint will not last as long. Feeling less shell shock Carl says okay lets do it and he pays the contractor.

So the contractor finishes and after a couple of weeks Carl notices that the boards are wobbly and uneven, I mean really bad and he did not notice when the job was done. Then he notices that the paint is pealing in corners already. So what does Carl do in the heat of his displeasure, well he immediately calls making demands and threats. Creating a great shakespearian opera that wastes his time and there time. Why? Because they told him that they were going to have use lesser quality materials to give him the lower quote. All Carl heard was a lower number and ignored the lower quality statements all together.

So who’s fault is it, well if we were completely honest Carl would be! The contractor told him the consequences of a lower quote. He was more focused on the cost, rather than the quality. In the end the contractor is responsible for the quote and accountable for informing you of what came with the lower quote compared to higher quote. You are responsible for requesting the lower quote and accountable for accepting it. Lets be honest we all know this to be true whether we like it in the moment or not.

Do not misunderstand, I totally get it I do! Sometimes it just is not in the budget and you have to cut corners. However, cutting corners comes at a cost too. Lets face it, the moral of this section is “You get what you pay for and you are accountable & responsible in the end for the decisions you make.”

There is no deal you have to have

A long time client and business mentor taught me this one! If you do not like what is being offered, the price, the quality or for any other reason guess what? You don’t have to accept it! If you accept it and it was not really what you needed or wanted, that is on you. Take Carl above for instance he didn’t have to accept that contractors bid and could have gotten other ones. However he choose to go with the first contractor that contacted him. Taking a deal that either does not work for your budget, needs/requirements or your time frame is always ultimately your decision. Whether it was for the good or not time will tell.